AaronPhotoWhat is the best bit of your course?

Learning about all the different marketing methods companies use to persuade us to purchase their products.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

There is a huge difference in the teaching styles from being taught how to pass your exams at school and being taught the module at university. You have to create your own way to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic in an exam.

How do you cope with money?

I had worked for most of the summer to prepare for the cost of university. I also worked for a promotional company which was usually pretty well paid work. It can sometimes be a bit cringey but if you want to go out you have to get your money somehow.

Where do you live?

I lived in halls on campus sharing a bathroom with one other person. It was pretty good because we got three meals a day included in the cost and had our rooms cleaned every two weeks.

Where will you be in ten years?

It’s a bit unclear but I want to venture into London and see what captures my eye as I love the buzz about the city.

What do you wish you had known when you started university?

I wish I knew the average costs of everything and what would have been good to stock up on before coming.

Top budgeting tip

Don’t shop on campus! Always go to a local supermarket when possible and bulk buy with friends if it’s cheaper. There’s also no need to buy brand name food as cheaper equivalents are often just the same.

Aaron's Summary

Tuition Fee loan £9,250
Maintenance loan £3,575
Maintenance grant £0
Bursaries £0
Savings £500
Termtime work £500
Holiday work £1,000
Family and friends £3,000
Total Income £17,575
Fees £9,250
Insurance £0
Accommodation £4,400
Utilities £0
Transport £0
Shopping £400
Socialising £2,000
Eating £0
study £200
Total Expenditure £16,000
Balance £1,575