About the Calculator

Use this quick and simple calculator to work out how to manage your money and build your budget for living and studying while you’re at university.

You can check your eligibility for loans and grants and even your regular outgoings such as your accommodation costs so you can choose the right place to live and make the most of student life!


Hassle Free Accommodation

Unite Students has a large range of accommodation options for you to choose from whatever your budget, plus you you’ll enjoy these great benefits…

  • All bills included (electricity, water and heating)
  • Fast WiFi internet access
  • Contents insurance
  • Dedicated maintenance teams
  • 24 hour security

Case Studies: How do other students manage their money?

Name: Sita

Course: French & Spanish

Year: 3rd

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Name: Aaron

Course: Business

Year: 1st

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Not from England?

Please note students from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different student finance arrangements so please contact the relevant student finance organisations in your country for further information. The calculator is only applicable for students who are residents in England.

International Student? If you are from outside the UK you won’t be eligible for the same student finance, so please use the International Student Calculator which includes extra information on visa and immigration.

Name: Nathan

Course: Medicine

Year: 3rd

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Name: Michael

Course: Electrical Engineering

Year: 2nd

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